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BOTS is for everyone

It doesn't matter if you've never heard of cryptocurrencies or if you're a seasoned investor. BOTS is designed to be quick and easy to understand without any in-depth knowledge.

What we stand for

BOTS is a Dutch startup that provides the newest innovation: Wall Street level returns, accessible for everyone with a smartphone. 76% of all stock exchange trading in the world has long gone through smart trading robots (Bots).

BOTS builds the largest and most accessible algorithm trading platform in the world. Thousands of developers can build Bots and share them with the rest of the world. Tens of thousands of bots will appear on the platform over the years. The focus on accessibility has resulted in easy access to the best investment robots. Users can choose the best bots and click Play.

At BOTS, we got off to a fantastic start this year. A lot of money was deposited on the BOTS this year, by all users. We are active in many countries, have a team of over 50 employees and have a large user base already while the app is only 1 year live. That confirms to us that the scalability of our product is enormous. With a double digit growth factor, we no longer need to explain to you how the hockey stick model works for a fintech scaleup such as BOTS.

To achieve this goal faster, along with a rollout to Europe and the rest of the world, we are scaling our team. If you think BOTS suits your style, we would like you to join this opportunity to grow with us. You will be having an exciting time, while helping Bots to become a unicorn!